Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coupon Princess

This is what has been keeping me up all night.  Let me tell you a short story.

A high school friend in Ohio called me up and tells me about her day.  Then she asked me if I use coupons.  I say I do sometimes, but only when I have them.  She then tells me about her many shopping escapades where she walks out of CVS, several bags on hand, and paid a little less than a dollar!  She said, she's into coupons.  She said she saves a lot of money and has a stockpile of all sorts of toiletries.  She recommended that I read through slickdeals where I can find coupons I can print online.  Cool!

I told my sister about this.  She got hooked more than I did!  She scoured the internet and printed coupons like crazy!  We read though weekly ads of Walgreens and CVS, and we started to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  All it takes is being aware of the weekly discounts of these drugstores, finding coupons to match them up, and most of the time, we get the item for a few cents -- if not free!

I must say it takes time.  It takes time to clip coupons every week (Sunday paper).  It takes a lot of time to sort them and arrange them alphabetically.  (That's how my sister did it, and in three categories so far:  Food, Non-Food, Restaurants).  I takes time to read through weekly deals, read blogs, print coupons online, and match them up.  But hey, I feel like a Princess when I walk out the store and pay so little of the total cost of the items I got!  What's to complain about?

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