Thursday, April 06, 2006

An Ode to My Digicam

Oops! There is no ode here. I've been wanting to write an ode but I don't think I can really make one.

How do you say goodbye to something that has been with you through the years? Anyhow, dear digicam, you are still the best thing I've bought abroad. I bought you with the first few hundred dollar bills that ever landed on my own hands... And you never failed to keep precious memories for me and my friends.

Thanks for being with me at Universal Studios, Griffith Park, Hollywood Boulevard, the Golden Gate and the long stretch of Las Vegas. Thanks for capturing my first glimpse of the amusing American airports. Thanks for being with me despite the scourching heat of the sun at Guam. I particularly loved how you recorded movies of my first visit to MarineLand. Thanks for withstanding the cold with me at Toronto. I tried skiing and fell many times on the snow and you managed to record all that fun stuff! It has been 5 years, my friend... 5 wonderful years of trigger happy moments.

Tonight, I shall be claiming my new digital camera straight from Japan but, to me, you are still my best digicam. I sold you in ebay thru a trusted friend. And I know you are in good hands now. Posted by Picasa