Wednesday, May 20, 2009

80 degrees

Today, we had the first 80(F) degrees of the year.  Wonderful!

As soon as I got home, I watered my plants (a new habit, I must mention) and packed myself some food.  I immediately left my apartment and walked to the lake.  Ahhh!  Every tree and flower seems to welcome me as I take steps towards the lake.  I feel relaxed already.

I sat on my favorite boulder when I reached the edge of the shore.  I opened my bag and enjoyed my little sweet snack.  I brought with me my iPod Shuffle so I could listen to music, but, I felt it's such a bad idea when all I really wanted to hear was the sound of rough water splashing onto the rocky shore.  I soaked in the beauty that surrounds me -- the birds flying over the water and then swooping in for a fish kill, the greenery of the park, the seemingly bare trees that have small leaves and flowers sprouting from its tips.

Being one with nature totally relaxes me after a long day at work.

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