Wednesday, July 03, 2013

An Untypical Day

I don't like waking up early for work. But today, I had to show up in uptown Chicago because the government needs to take my fingerprints. Having recently gotten hooked to CSI:Miami on Netflix, I knew what the government was up to. If you consider me your friend, please remind me to not leave fingerprints in a crime scene. And please remind me not to kill anyone. I took the slow city train that makes every possible stop. It may even stop when a squirrel hails for it. But it was nice to take it slow and easy for a change. I got off the train station and walked by a vintage movie house. It looked perfect to upload to my Instragram account, but I did not bring any of my two phones (1 for work, 1 personal) today because I was told it was not allowed in the government office I was going to. No problem, for a change, I'd love to temporarily detach myself from any gadgetry. So instead of using Yelp to find the closest place for me to have a meal, I could use my legs and my own eyes and my natural human instinct! Just as I was about to cross the street, three thin, bald monks crossed the same street. They each carried a gold-tinted jar, and they walked barefoot, with their heads down. I already forgot to cross the street because I realize this doesn't happen to me everyday. Part of me wished I could walk with them and make conversation about life, compassion and humanity. I decided to trace where they must have come from till I found a Buddhist temple around the corner. I almost stepped in, inside the temple, until I saw two old ladies in it, and not monks. Unsure of my next move, I turned away to address one of humanity's greatest need -- hunger. I was hungry so I walked back to an old and ugly diner I passed by earlier. There was a Starbucks nearby but the dilapidated signs of this diner and its many customers was more enticing to me. I expected to see a typical, rundown American mom-and-pop diner, but it was now run by Latino immigrants. I took one of the red cushioned seats that match the red-stained lamps above each booth. A middle-aged woman comes in, in her short red dress, laced red gloves, and striking red hair. She sat next to my booth and may have looked like a furniture along with the diner artifacts. "One day, I'll take all my things into my car and drive down to anywhere. Maybe Tennesee!", I heard a lady say to her friends. Deep inside, I cheer for her. You go girl! Claim your freedom! I look down to my omelet, and take a sip of my bad coffee. But I relax and savor this short few hours of not having to sit in a cubicle all day. I notice my hand trying to find my phone in my purse, my - it has become an automatic movement - que horror! I asked for my check and they refused my credit card. They only take cash. They gave me my change in coins, and one of them was a Canadian coin. What an untypical day for me, and I like it.