Sunday, November 06, 2005

My Greek Attempt

I am no cooking expert. In fact, I am a kitchen idiot. I morph into a 3-year-old whenever I am in the kitchen. With a knife or a laddle in hand, I say "Hey, can I brush my teeth or comb my hair with this?"

Lo and behold! Some ancient spirit possessed by earthly body! I found myself making Greek dinner for my family! I am no longer like a 5-year-old... but err... like a 9-year-old. Not bad, ei?!

I was so proud of myself I took a picture of my "creation" and posted it here. It's called Souvlaki -- Greek Sandwich. I also had Greek Salad on the side. My favorite was my tomato wedgies, onions and crumbled Feta cheese... heavenly!

Now I shall summon another spirit to take me to the kitchen again and whip up another dish. Hmmm.... I've been to Bollywood last Friday night. I need some Indian chef spirit to possess me this time... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

As Clouds Kiss the Mountain

I found comfort beneath a drenched tent
Till morning dew dripped onto my forehead
One more minute, I said

I savor this moment of freedom
Atop a mountain, miles away
Away from the metropolis -- full stress and dismay

I open my eyes and sniff the scent of pine trees
I feel the rocks at my back
Still as cold as my heart

I crawl out of this passing refuge
I felt my heart skip a beat or two
I took a long deep breath, could he now be taking one too?

The wind brushed my long black hair
Blowing hard like madness
Blowing away my sadness

In a blink of an eye
Clouds blurred my sight
I was like walking in the clouds – what a delight!

One more blink of an eye
Clouds vanished into thin air
Clouds kissed the mountain’s cheek in swift flair

But this mountain I envy
Why I have no clue
But I know that as clouds kiss the mountain I remember only you