Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pinoy Ako!

I got the United States Census form in my mail today. On the envelope was a big printed label that says "YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW". [Shudder. I just think it's funny.]

I must admit -- I am glad that my race, "Filipino" has its own box! In real life, I have somehow felt like my race is part of "Other Asian". It's rare for an acquaintance to identify me as Filipino. Rather, he or she would identify me as Thai, Korean (probably because of my current hairstyle), Chinese, or Vietnamese.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Time Management?

Why do I always find my evenings too short? Quite frankly, I am more excited about going home from work than going to work. Ofcourse, I am very very very grateful to still be working in the middle of the recession. Not that I dread going to work -- I still look forward to work... but it's not as exciting as what I do after work.

I cook. I bake.
I plan my menu. I make a grocery list.
I skim through weekly ads, clip coupons, and again make my grocery list.
I go to the gym for Yoga or a 30-minute swim.
I watch TV or "watch TV" through my laptop. I love Desperate Housewives, Cougar Town, Shark Tank, House, sometimes Amazing Race.
I facebook. I google. I wikipedia. (Websites are now verbs!)
I organize. I mess things up just to reorganize them again. (I used to do this a lot when I had no TV nor laptop.)
I do my laundry (a necessary evil).
I manage my finances. Pay bills. More bills.
I blog when I can.
And the list goes on!

The funny thing is... I live alone, with no kids to take care of... yet I feel like I am preoccupied with too many things to do! I don't know how working mothers do it! They are superheroes!

Time Management? I badly need that. Now. Time is running out!