Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Lost In Translation"

Who: YBW - Young Brown Woman (That's me!) and OWW - Old White Woman (Well, an old white American woman)
What: They had a short, weird chitchat
When: One sunny Saturday afternoon, many weeks ago
Where: Inside a chapel

OWW: "What time does the mass start?"
YBW: "I'm not sure, I haven't been here this time of the day before."
OWW: "I see."
(short pause)
OWW: "Are you Thai?"
YBW: "No, I am Filipino. Why?"
OWW: "Nothing. There's just so many of you here now, it's hard to tell."
(some silence)
YBW: "Are you here for the anticipated mass?"
OWW: "Say what?"
YBW: "anticipated mass" (Speaking slightly louder. YBW wonders if OWW has hearing problems.)
OWW: "Oh.. oh yes!"
(short pause)
OWW: "Nice. You are not second class [Filipino]."
YBW was silent. Her brows could knit a table cloth!

What the hell was she trying to say?!?! I don't have a clear understanding of what she meant upto now. A dozen thoughts rushed into my mind that moment but, I rather not jot them down here. I leave the rest to you, my fellow Filipinos.