Thursday, May 25, 2006

One Day at a Time

Last night, I was idly browsing thru my small part of the huge family bookshelf when I grabbed this old book. It is a book my mom got as a gift about three years ago. I remember the many times it gave me inspiration to move on during the very pressing times of my previous job (It was a managerial job and I had to travel a lot). That job was just so difficult for me. I was only 23 but I was managing 14 programmers and a dozen demading clients! Sometimes I also do sales and tag along with our marketing arm to get new clients. This book got me through all that pain. This book is somewhat heavier than most books of the same size yet I bothered to take it with me even during client demos outside Metro Manila. I noticed the name of the author "Francis Kong" and it somewhat rang a bell in my head.

Just half a year ago, a friend invited me to join her attend the 2nd Grand EB of EntreplinkPhilippines. I was so impressed and inspired by the speakers who talked about their lifestyles as entrepreneurs. I remember a certain speaker F. Kong who left the best impression on me. Alas! It was Francis Kong! Darn! If I knew he was the same person who wrote the book I so much cherish, I should have brought the book and asked him to sign it for me. Oh well... all the more I aspire to be like them -- well-rounded entrepreneurs. Like Mr. Kong, I want to be an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, mentor, family-person and most especially, an inspiration for people like me who simply take "one day at a time". Posted by Picasa