Friday, January 30, 2009

Chicken Feet or Paws?

We spent the holidays in New York, specifically in Manhasset, Long Island. One day, we went to lunch at a dimsum place in Flushing, Queens. The place feels like another Chinatown outside Manhattan.

At the dimsum place called Ocean Jewels Seafood Restaurant, carts were pushed around with little plates of dimsum in them. We were asked what we wanted and just said yes to whatever they point to us. It was quite irritating though that they continue to speak with us in Chinese. We keep on saying we speak English but they never seem to bother understand us.

At my cousins' surprise, we ordered some Chicken Feet. My sister and I dared my cousins to try them but they just cannot. Well, my sister and I happily nibbled on them.

And then I recall how this delicacy should be properly called here in the US. We call them Chicken Feet but, apparently, they prefer to call it Chicken Paws. Sounds more sosyal, if you know what I mean.

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