Friday, January 30, 2009

Why Have Another Blog?

This is one reason I keep a separate blog other than my food blog.

Some weird personal encounters amuse me... like this one above. We went to New York Supermaket along Elmhurst and saw these frogs piled on top of each other. They are for sale as food! Did you read that? AS FOOD! They do not look appetizing at all. It make take a good chef to make good use of these critters as food.

Imagine if I post this in my food blog, Pinay Lost in Grocery Lane 33. Wouldn't that be unappetizing, more so appalling? Above are either snakes or eels. Honestly, I do not know. But I pity them for some reason. I stood atleast 2 feet away from them, though. I can imagine them thrusting out of the water in a split second!

Ahhh, New York is such a great place for all things exotic without leaving America!

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