Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I tucked myself into bed tonight but...

I tucked myself into bed tonight but I can't sleep. My mind is still wandering and somehow wants to express itself. I could blame this to the can of soda I chugged an hour ago whilst having sushi with a workmate. He was right, soda right before bedtime would make me sleepless. Yeah.. yeah... so what?.. a little caffeine should not hurt... but here I am pounding like crazy on my laptop. Or maybe it's because of what I saw on TV half an hour ago. I still can't stop thinking about it. It was a reality show called "Naked in the House"... thought it was another sexually explicit show of somesort. [They are quite lax here in Toronto.] But it was intellectually and artistically stimulating! It's a competition for photographers of all levels. Each photographer were given, plainly the ff:

  • one beach house (filled with house objects with character... some old, some new)
  • one camera (an SLR ofcourse)
  • one lens
  • one roll of film with only 10 frames
  • one naked woman (she's gorgeous)
  • and 30 minutes - no artificial lighting, no assistants

Like each of the photographers, I crunched into thinking how to take great pictures only with these elements! This was a reality show and I witnessed each photographer's frustration (saw a lot of those), anxiety (one said nothing but "This was more difficult than I expected"), wit, talent, humor, punctuality (one came in very late - quite unusual for someone in North America), arrogance (one almost feels like he will end up winning), etcetera. At the end of the show, each photograph was hung on the walls of a gallery and were judged accordingly. Some of my favorites came out to be winners! There's this closeup shot of the naked woman smiling and very relaxed on a hammock. Her face was given more attention but with her right breast exposed, it looked more natural and liberating. The winning photo was taken by a student. She was young and very promising. Her shot was of the blue sky with some clouds (cumulus and some cirrus, I think) then the naked woman having her body face the camera (again, makes both her breasts exposed) but her face over her right shoulder, towards the same side of the sky. Simple, yet beautiful.

Now I realize I have a hint of interest in photography. Now I ponder, should I start developing this into a hobby? I remember putting up my own website hundreds of years ago. I filled it up with pictures of me and my travels, but I especially kept a small part of it for seemingly "artistic" photos - still life, contrasting colors, with my THEN high-tech sony cybershot DSC-S50... Circa 2000. I bought it for around 500 dollars in Circuit City. [There goes my first allowance in foreign currency in my whole IT career. Haha!] I still rememer those days. Those were the days when everyone kept asking me, what kind of camera do you have? Is it true that it does not have film? ... Now everyone has one. And mine has become bulky and obsolete, but, nonetheless, interesting!!! (Because of it's size, and it's LCD that swivels! I like that feature a lot.)

I don't know how to concluded this blog. I am just glad I can sleep now. My mind has spoken; now my body shall take over... and march into bed. Good night everyone!


ashmadia said...

then go buy a nikon d50 then...

you would not be disappointed if you have a slr camera..
the excitement of the destination will match the excitement of the journey, i tell you!
nakatsamba siguro yung estudyante.. :D

Mathew Hanger said...

Congrats sa iyong first entry! As for photography, magandang hobby nga yan. Then learn how to edit pix para mas maganda. =)