Saturday, May 21, 2005

Dream Food, Dream Book

Late this week, my workmates, a few friends, and I had dinner downtown. The place was a busy restaurant that serves Thai Food, one of my favorites. We had gotten there twice already but their food, for me is worth coming back. They challenge their customers: "How hot can you get?". They render this Chili scale in a funny way:
  • Mild - some dishes are already a bit spicy
  • Medium - a little kick
  • 1 Chili - nice
  • 3 Chili - Thai medium
  • 5 Chili - Watch out!
  • 10 Chili - Are you sure?
  • 15 Chili - Some like it hot
  • 20 Chili - Can get stomach upset
I tried 1 Chili last week, so I ordered Chicken Panang in 3 Chili! Whooohoo!!! I liked it. Though I finished last this time. Yummy. I will go back to Toronto for this! Haha. They are not paying me for this but if I got you curious about this food trip, it's at 335 Yonge Street. Try to visit their website Salad King. Sorry I can't tell you why they named themselves Salad King, they'd sound to serve just salad with that name, but in case you figured it out or heard someone figure it out, send me a message or post a comment. I would love to hear it!

The best part is yet to come.

I finally had a copy of the book I have been looking for, for months now. I'm so so so so thrilled to finally have a copy, incidentally, as I risked going into The World's Biggest Bookstore (Yonge corner Edward... walking distance from Salad King) - while my workmates had gas spasms waiting for me. The book is Diving and Snorkeling Philippines (Lonely Planet Pisces Books) by Heneage Mitchell

Diving and Snorkeling Philippines (Lonely Planet Pisces Books)

Sure I found it online but the shipping cost to Manila would be a rip off. I posted an email to diversions yet it seems like noone has a copy. I am just so happy that night... so happy and excited to finally take diving lessons as soon as I get home. I was smiling in my sleep.


billydee said...

Thai Food! One of the best cuisine ever. Don't forget your Phad Thai!

Shutter Addict said...

sarap sigurong mamili ng libro sa world's biggest bookstore hehe! patingin ng lonely planet mo paguwi mo :D

B1 said...



annmariemarie said...

billydee: Salad king tayo pagdating mo dito sa Toronto! Yahuuuu... mag 5 Chili ka.. I dare you!

Shutter Addict: Sure Sure... kahit photocopy mo pa eh! Hehe

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