Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stop and watch the ants

I finally had a free Saturday again so I decided to take it slow. I resisted to get out of bed and stared at the 18 red roses that my boyfriend has given me for our anniversary.

After an afternoon of cooking and lounging around, I decided to walk outside and enjoy the last few warmer days of the year. I walked to the lake in my flipflops, wondering the last time I saw the lake.

I stopped to admire the flowers. Some were bigger than my hand. Some were hanging from atop a tall tree! (I've been seeing a lot of gumamelas. I wonder if it's also called hisbiscus -- my latest tisane favorite.)

I stopped to stare at the branches and leaves above me.

I stood and sat barefoot at the rocks along the lake.

I touched the trunk of the trees in the park. Actually, I wanted to hug them but the trunks looked a little too dirty and buggy to hug. I watched the ants in the tree trunks move on with their daily life.

I smiled at dogs and their owners as I run into them walking back to my apartment.

Oh, what a relaxing day.

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