Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm 28 on the 28th

That's tomorrow -- my first birthday away from home.

When I was very young, I dreamed of getting married at the age of 28. It's the age that I think I am already capable of nurturing my own family and withstanding its difficulties. It's the age that I think I am mature enough to do a lot of things on my own. Well, I'm turning 28 tomorrow and I certainly am not getting married soon. I am not so sure if I am "mature enough to do a lot of things on my own". But I certainly am on my own now.

Contrary to other people, I like celebrating my birthday no matter how simple or extravagant the celebration may be. When I say celebrate, I do not necessarily mean having a party. I mean, celebrating it in a sense that I take that day more special than any other day. I do not keep it a secret from the people around me. To me, a birthday should be remembered not so to have a reason to indulge in parties and gimmicks. Likewise, I don't keep it a secret so I don't get pestered by my friends to have me treat them for snack or dinner. (Yeah, that's how birthdays are celebrated in my home country -- the celebrator spends for the party.)

A birthday is a reason to pause and look back at the blessings I have had in my lifetime. It's a stop sign in life's freeway to remind me that I have gone this far! I may not yet be as rich as I wanted to be... not yet as "fulfilled" as I wanted to be... but all that matters is I am here. I am alive. I AM.

Yes, I am geographically distant from my family but they are always in my heart. I admit I feel a tinge of pain for not having them around tomorrow. It's a feeling I cannot tramp on. Still, I feel blessed for belonging to them. Life is good. All it takes is a positive perspective.


Jojo Paderes said...

And life's a journey that we have to face various challenges and hardships.

"It doesn't really matter which country you have moved to, or whether you even left the Philippines at all. We are all on a journey. As my wife and I are learning, it can get better every day if we choose it to be so." - Jim Paredes

I could not agree more :-) Anyways, happy birthday!

B1 said...

belated happy birthday! sobrang late na wahekhekhek

Tata said...

You're right. It just takes the right perspective :) Funny but I ended my latest blog entry the same way you did :) About taking the write perspective :)