Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I do not write poems but, one night, I find myself rolling uneasily in my shallow sleep. I've been pondering about my new endeavor in the coming months (or years). There's this feeling of needing to move... to flow... to always seek the unknown...

Flowing to the Unknown

I winked unto the vastness above me
The radiance of the sun pierces through my body
I am in the middle of nowhere but I am not lost
I am on my own but never alone

Strong winds take me to unknown shores
Where I bask in the pleasure of feeling alive
When nothing stirs me up, I still move somehow
I can never be still

I exist to conquer myself
I rise. I fall.
No matter what, I will need to flow

I go to places but I will always be me
I am the sea


margie said...

poetic ka pala atotoy!

annmariemarie said...

Haha! Trying! Ewan, pero there's no other way to express it eh, kaya pala may mga poems, ganon pala feeling ng poet... LOL! Ano beh! Feeling... LOL